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Journaling: How to

Published: 08/15/2009 by Roxanne Rizzuto B.Ed., B.A., T.E.S.L. in Education & Learning Support

Many people hear the term “journaling” and immediately remember the diary they tried (and failed) to maintain as a child. However, journaling can be so much more.

Building a Firm Foundation for Classical Education

Some classical educators focus on the classical method and others focus on the classical subjects. Those who focus on the subjects (Latin, logic, etc.) tend to want to get to the academics as early as possible.

Ancient Heroes; Epic Poems

Published: 12/29/2014 by EducationGroup.ca in Learning Resources

Ancient Heroes; Epic Poems

Before Tony Stark’s impulsive capers and Professor Xavier’s cool and calculated strategy there was the god-like Achilles and the tactician Odysseus. They fought for honour, for love, for plunder, but always at the mercy of their gods.

Do Re Me

Published: 01/15/2010 by Susan Jarema in Learning Resources

Do Re Me

Music is a wonderful learning tool that is motivational, fun and helps with memorization through rhythm, rhyming and repetition.

Our homeschooling journey began when our son, Connal, was bullied at school. He'd been slow in developing his speech and communication skills, and was struggling with his learning

One in a series of tips for Home School educators. The focus of these tips is teaching technique.

Many Methods of Mountain Biking

Published: 08/15/2014 by David Mills in Learning Resources

Many Methods of Mountain Biking

So, you already enjoy the fun and freedom of cycling and want to spend more time riding the dirt. Walking into a bike shop to see what’s available may be bewildering. “What kind of riding do you want to do?” is often the first question. While there u

Don’t Let Your Candle Blow Out!

Published: 01/15/2007 by Marilyn Hahn B.Ed in Health and Wellness

I all too clearly remember the morning my candle blew out. As a teacher, I thought I could take my little light and change the
world. I prepped, planned, created, coached, trained, and cajoled each and every day.

No Dusty Hallways Here!

Published: 01/15/2010 by Anita Yasuda in Education & Learning Support

virtual museums provide an exciting array of exhibitions, images, audio, video, online and downloadable activities. Virtual museums are an affordable and convenient option for families.

Suggested Course of Study

Before age ten, the child is mostly dependent upon his concrete sensory experiences for learning. He is really in an Early Knowledge Level.

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