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Feathered Friends

Published: 04/15/2010 by Anita Yasuda in Learning Resources

Were they short-distance migrants or year-round residents? You promise yourself that tomorrow you’ll be ready for them with a pair of binoculars and a birding book.

Finding a Tutor

Published: 02/15/2011 by Jill Hickling in Education & Learning Support

Finding a Tutor

Have you heard: “I hate this”, “I’m bored”, or “I don’t get it”? Do you have certain subjects you dread teaching that generally end up in tears and yelling? It could be time to give yourself and your child a break and consider a tutor.

Fun in the Sun

Published: 06/15/2009 by Melanie Kehler in Testimonials & Experience

One of the incentives that motivates my kids to work diligently at finishing up their last assignments for the school year is the outdoor home school swim lessons offered at Bowview Pool.

how do we help our children make smart choices that keep them active and keep us all sane?

Finding Our Legislative Link

Published: 08/15/2008 by Chris Kirwan in Learning Resources

I recently set out to find proposed bills in provincial and federal governments in Canada, and within just a few minutes I was rewarded with an easy find online.

Found 5 records