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Backyard Volcano

Backyard Volcano

Published: 01/15/2009 by Andrea Keenan

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As homeschoolers, we have heard it, read it and we know it. Sometimes we need a little reminder of how lucky and privileged we are to have choices in the ways we can teach our children. Every moment is a learning moment, which we, as a family, should all cherish.

Nonetheless, sometimes, as parents we forget our blessings, have those frustrating moments, and wonder if we are making the right choices, keeping our children at home. I would be lying if I said I have not had those days. In fact, I confess to all homeschoolers out there, that I have had many days questioning my choices. Seriously, who out there hasn’t?

We were not even a week into our new school year, and already I was questioning my choices.  Looking at the photo on the front cover, you would never guess that this was one of those questionable days. The troops were getting restless and good ‘ol mom was at her wits end. Plan A, B and C of our school day, had gone the way of the do-do. I had one more chance to salvage our day, maybe even the rest of the week! I jumped into action.  With the gorgeous September weather we took school outdoors for a few days. Wow! That was easy!

What was better than blowing up a model volcano in your own backyard…just because.  When could you do botany and dissect half of mom’s flower garden…just because. How about a nature walk in Fish Creek Provincial Park, along the banks of the dried out creek…just because. All those “just because” moments became bankable learning moments for my four children.

The delight on my four year old daughter’s face as she watched the home made volcano erupt, said it all. It reminded me of why we chose to homeschool our children in the first place: the choices, the blessings, and those learning moments. 

This is our 6th year homeschooling. We have our good days, and we have our “not so good” days. Plan A sometimes does not work, and that’s OK…really. I am blessed to be able to teach my children. Each day is a learning moment, not just for them, but for me as well. We are definitely enjoying the ride, even if we need to blow up some volcanoes along the way.